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Property Cleanouts
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Based in Olympia, our junk removal and property cleanout company brings a wide variety of services that ensure the most value for our customers. Whether you need a full property cleanout or partial property cleanout, we can get the job done at a competitive rate.

We offer property cleanouts of abandoned homes, homes with evicted tenants, and homes in foreclosure. We also clean out properties that need to go onto the market to be sold, and work with many local realtors on a regular basis.

Our Property Cleanout Service includes:

More about our Property Cleanout Service:
  • Insured - Savvy Junk Removal is fully insured.
  • Recycling.- We recycle many of the items and materials we remove.
  • Donations - We donate reusable items to local charities.
Other Junk Cleanouts we offer:

Hoarder Cleanouts:
We know it can be a difficult task to handle, which is why we work with great care to make sure the job gets done right and our customers feel better about dealing with items being removed from their homes. You can point to the items to be removed, or just have whole rooms cleared, it's up to you.